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To see a description of the library and the function listings, see the README file.

The library was designed to send commands and receive analog to digital sensor input from a Pontech SV203 microcontroller board. The library consists of one main class (SV203) and several support files. This class has functions to control all servo functions (absolute move, incremental move, zero pulse, direct digital pin set/clear/toggle, and analog to digital sensor inputs. There is also a test program the utilizes most/all functionality of the library, that can be run standalone on the Palm to test an SV203 board.

The library is released under the LGPL license.  Please read the LGPL license to see what rights this license grants to you, the user of the library.

If you wish to obtain the Palm SV203 Serial Control Library, please fill out the form below.  This is so I know if anyone is actually using the library or not. This is my way of knowing if its worth putting more time into things.

To download the ZIP file, please click here.

The library is currently only available in ZIP compressed format.  There is minimal external documentation, however, the source code is commented, and a test program is provided to demonstrate the library's functionality and show how to use the library.

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